Last updated September 4, 2023

iconSimpleHours for iOS

What is it?

SimpleHours is a very simple time tracking app. Each day shows a list of tasks, with the amount of time spent on each one. Tapping on one item starts or stops the clock for that task. The total for the day is shown at the bottom.

How do I use it?

Add a task:

To add a new task to the list, press at the top-right of the screen.

Each entry can be identified by a "project" name and a "task" name. (You don't have to use both if the distinction doesn't apply to your usage.)

Press to save the new entry. (We'll talk more about the "time" and "break" fields later.)

Start or stop the timer

To start the timer for a task on the list, tap on that item. The total will change to display to indicate that this task is now active.

To stop the timer, tap on the item again. The display will change to show the new total time recorded for that task today.

The same timer may be started and stopped multiple times - each time the timer starts, it will add to the previous total recorded for this task.

Note: Only one timer may be running at any one time - so starting the timer on one task will automatically stop the timer on the last-started task (if any).

Edit a task

Pressing will allow you to make changes to any item in the list.

Once in edit mode, tap on an item (anywhere except for ) to edit that item.

Here you can change the project and/or task names. If the timer on this item is not currently running, you can also manually adjust the amount of time recorded for this task.

The other thing you can change here is the "break" value. This is just a shortcut for editing the total amount of time for this item. For example, if you took 30 minutes off for lunch but forgot to stop the timer, instead of editing the "time" value to subtract 30 minutes, you could just set the "break" to 00:30 - the SimpleHours app will take care of calculating the correct total.

Press to save your changes, or to cancel.

What about the rest of the year?

When the SimpleHours app is opened, it will display today's date and list any tasks already entered today. You can view previous or future dates by swiping to the right or left, respectively.

Export and Purge

Press to open the data management menu:


"Email" will export all of your existing data to a comma-separated text file that can be imported into a spreadsheet. An email composer will be opened with this file attached.


"Purge" will delete data prior to whatever date you select:

Once you press "Delete," all data up to and including the selected date will be removed from your device.

Where can I get it?

Download from the App Store.


If you have any questions about SimpleHours or encounter any problems using it, please contact me at simplehours @

What if I have an Android device?

SimpleHours is also available for Android.

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